Character Overview Edit

Detective Popcorn is, in the Last Podcast Character Realm, part of a police force (which remains an Unnamed Entity) that is meant to highlight the ineptitude of the Hot Dog Squad in The B.T.K. Killer Part One: The Ball Game Explodes. The fact that Detective Popcorn is an anthropomorphized movie theater snack was loosely inspired by the (misquoted) "Let's all go to the movies"-era concessions advertisements. There has been only one other named character in Detective Popcorn's police force; his superior Sergeant Pepperdimples voiced by Marcus Parks (whose appearance was either to Henry Zebrowski or Detective Popcorn's apparent chagrin).

Origins and Mortality Edit

Physical and Metaphysical Nature Edit

Detective Popcorn's origins are unknown, as it is unknown if he is mortal, immortal, or undead. In Episode 97: Movies of the Beast, he mentions that he has a family who had died. It is apparent from his continued attempts to convince humans and his use of the imperfect "pop" in oft-repeated phrases such as "when you pop my kernels" lend some validity to the theory that structural elements associated with popcorn are no more meaningful to Detective Popcorn as an entity than individual atoms are to people. It is important [citation needed] to note, however, that Detective Popcorn has, indeed, shown signs of distress as an apparent response to what might constitute "mortal terror".

Size and Shape Edit

It is not known what size and shape Detective Popcorn is, or if he even exists within a container (or the three-dimensional world, for that matter). What is known about him is that he is "just a bunch of popcorn". It is suspected [by who?] that Detective Popcorn's apparent rise in vocal pitch is due to chemical castration sustained by his new lavender flavor, although many famous botanists [no seriously, who are you talking to about this shit?] that "lavender wouldn't have that effect [on popcorn], you fucking idiot. Stop leaving me voicemail."

Cannibalism Edit

Detective Popcorn seems to appreciate his own kernels (at one point, describing the mouthfeel of popcorn and coca cola as a "balance of temperature and texture, mm". However, since his physiology (and therefore the nature and extent of his(?) reproductive, metabolic, neurological and sensory systems) remains unknown, it is difficult to say whether or not this constitutes cannibalism in any relevant capacity besides that which is plainly pointed out by the ever present specter of anthropomorphism [for real though, you've put way too much thought into this, seek help].

Appearances Edit

  • Episode 59 (linked to above)
  • Episode 81, 35:30
  • Marcus Parks' Roast

Outstanding Warrants Edit

He's got an outstanding warrant for bein' sooooooooooo delicious...

Quotes Edit

"Well gee, boss! I'm just a bunch of popcorn!"

"I don't want you to get my buttery goodness all over your new Levis."