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Episodes 162 and 163 discuss Axe Murders.

Episode 162 description: "In the first of our two parter on axe murders throughout history, we cover a story of a prostitute brutally murdered WITH AN AXE in olde New York and the story of Kate Webster, an Irishwoman who murdered her boss, dismembered the body, and threw the whole mess into the River Thames."

Episode 163 description: "It's the second in our axe murder series as we cover the largest axe murder in the history of the United States (eight!) with the Villasca Murders and Karla Faye Tucker, the pickax biker who won the hearts and minds of America."

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Comedy characters featuredEdit

"Mr. Riggers" - Henry's (fake) singing teacher.

A tractor expert - Henry's tractor loving alter-ego.

Sheriff - Henry plays an incompetent local sheriff.

Deputy Sheriff - Ben plays an even less competent deputy for Henry's character.

"Toe-less Jimmy" - Marcus plays the role of a local police officer who assumes every death is the result of suicide.

Henry's featured dubious and/or racist impressionsEdit

Reverend Lyn George Jacklin Kelly

Foodstuffs and beverages mentionedEdit

Truffles and candy

Classic catchphrasesEdit

Henry, Marcus, and Ben: "...WITH AN AXE!"

Marcus Parks: "The official Last Podcast On The Left band; Iron Maiden."

Ben Kissel: "There was two ways to die in the 1800's. You either got burned at the stake or you got hit in the head with an axe."

Marcus Parks: "Do not keep an axe in the house -- It will be used to kill you."

Henry Zebrowski: "Now what I can see here is, this is a flurry of accidental axe juggling gone awry."

Henry Zebrowski: "That is not true"