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For immediate emerencies call 9-1-1 or 9-9-9 as the case may be.

How to tell if you should call a suicide hotline Edit

If you have a plan that you have not enacted but could enact with minimum effort, or have a plan that you have taken concrete steps toward, please call one of these numbers. If you read that last sentence and were wishing it'd mention something it didn't, then call anyway. Even if you read those last two sentences and don't think they're about you, but wish they were: THEY ARE (in a general sense of course (and please call)). They're very honest with you about who they are, what they're there for, and they can legitimately help you. You aren't stupid for needing help.

USA:National Suicide Prevention Life1-800-273-TALK

UK:Samaritans08457 909090

Republic of Ireland:Samaritans116123

Australia: Lifeline13 11 14

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Between 14/04/2012 and 18/04/2012

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The boys stumble through a serious of easily available and probably not all that real suicide notes, mocking the disturbed people's syntax, religious beliefs and perceived regional or socioeconomic status. All in a really fun, light way. Hitler's so-called suicide note is deconstructed (a bit) and the hope is expressed gthat he is in hell. Kurt Cobain's death is given little in the way of sceptical treatment, as if there's no game in town apart from suicide. Come on lads, that story needs revisiting.

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"Hong Kong" Henry Zebrowski

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"Hong Kong" Henry Zebrowski

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Ben's non-weed nugget story

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"Don't shoot...get the gun get the gun get the gun."