Premise Edit

The boys invite d-list celebrities to the Creek and the Cave to tell their real spooky stories.

Maron Open Edit

Detective Henry Zebrowski isn’t paid to find his headphones 

Henry bemoans the fact he isn’t sensitive enough to see ghosts and talks about his alter-ego “The Flying Grape”. We also find out that young, fat Henry was fond of wearing purple berets and smoking jackets. Young Marcus wore top hats during junior high.

Marcus talks about his experience with the infamous Lubbock Green Goblin, described as a pig goblin that casts hypnotic spells.

The first mention of the Man, Myth, and Magic book series on the podcast.

Topic Edit

Ashley Brook Roberts from the Brooklyn bar show “Everyday Dirt” talks about her paranormal experiences. Her first story concerns a solstice ritual in the woods of North Carolina. She also talks about her families haunted barn. 

Talking to Ashley after the stories, the boys mention Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell for possibly the first time. Marcus breaks out his Native American character to talk about his spirit animal, the coyote. Henry denies being a seat sniffer. 

Notorious nerd Ed Larson joins the boys to brag about his crappy 3DS podcast and tell some stories about his haunted childhood. Ed's developmentally disabled uncle is haunted. 

"Were there slaves in Idaho?" 

John Moreno a failed actor, waiter, and member of Murderfist tells the story of his house in Tallahassee and a series of coincidences. 

"I'm your friend, right? I'm not going to stab you" 

Ben thinks Sinister sucks a large, large donkey dick. 

Justin Tyler, star of dozens of failed hidden camera comedy show pilots, talks about the legend of Obadiah O'Reilly's trip to the moon. 

Close Edit

The boys recap the episode and make fun of the guests and their alcohol problems. Henry talks about his love for soup dumplings.

"Al-Qaeda level terror stories."

How to compare everything to 9/11 and lose weight with the 9/11 diet.

Old Man Winchester haunts a young Marcus.

"You can't swing a ghost without hitting a slave ghost." - Marcus Parks

Little Henry teaches himself to masturbate with the help of Encyclodepia Britannica.

Junk-o-lantern. Hail Gein.