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The Bermuda Triangle and similar mysterious disappearance zones worldwide. Despite the fact that The Bermuda Triangle was completely fabricated by a journalist and is complete bollocks, our heroes bravely speculate for a full 50+ minutes on this fascinating subject. The words “portal”, “quantum” and “wormhole” are used liberally and with little accuracy.

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Robert M. Stanley and Unicus magazine

Puerto Rico UFO page

Link to the relevant Coast to Coast episode

Is the Earth a dodecahedral crystal? Hint: no it's not

The “Vile Vortices” around the world

Flight 19’s mysetrious disappearance (1945)

The methane hypothesis. See also the penultimate link below.

Ben’s Middle Earth cow hypothesis

Bru(ce) Gernon’s website and the Electronic Fog

Livinghell01’s post on

....and his piece on how to deal with a smelly refrigerator

“Giant crystal pyramid discovered in Bermuda Triangle”

Is the pyramid a power source from Atlantis?

The Bimini Road or Wall

The Mantis race

Franz and Martina’s raw shit: "I know, this sounds like a very bad fictional story, but this is exactly how we experienced it, with all emotions and energies, making this very real to us."

The Devil’s Sea/Triangle

Utsuro Bune – Japan’s first UFO?

Do the Japanese fart? Yes – and here’s the proof!

Barry Manilow’s timeless classic

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Klaxar the Alien

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Swedish. Which is just English backwards.

Japanese (re The Devil’s Sea/Triangle)

Italian (Christopher Columbus, Captain of The Mayflower, according to Ben)

Donald Trump and his wonderful undersea kingdom

German astral projectionists

Arnold Schwarzenegger

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Henry’s burritos

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"You’re fired octupus/squid.”