Casual racist and bon viveur Henry Zebrowski is the only non-original member of the Thrilling Threesome. He brings a baroque, nay, post-modern air to the show with his amusing impressions, vocal gymnastics and willingness to humiliate himself in public on a weekly basis. His favourite topics include burritos, plugging his latest TV show, burritos, researching and hosting podcasts in the nude, burritos, puns about bottoms and burritos. He is also a Hollywood A-lister, having appeared for several seconds as Eldern Cooperborg in Martin Scorsese's 2013 erotic thriller, The Werewolf of Elm Street. He got his start by walking into studios and lecturing until escorted out. His hobbies include making minute rice in 58 seconds, pretending someone is watching him masturbate and burning effigies of JFK on the moon with jet fuel.